Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Party Crashed On My Brother's Birthday!

Since I missed Grant's 15th birthday, I saw someone having a birthday party on Grant's birthday and decided to crash it.
I am now teaching that family the missionary lessons!

Jaren and Nathan at Dave and Buster's for Grant's birthday!

Grant and Nathan at Dave and Busters

Hello my beloved mother! How art thou? I hopeth that thoueth arteth greateth! Well I don´t know how to speak like Romeo and Juliet, I just put "eth" at the end and hope for the best!

First off I want to say FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS GRANTISH BO-BANTISH!!!!! TE QUIERO MUCHISIMO HERMANITO! I totally did NOT forget about your birthday. In fact I even bought a little tiny cupcake to celebrate!!!! It was NOTHING like the ones mom makes, but oh well. At least I tried. ALSO I saw a birthday party in the streets and thought to myself, self, anybody who happens to have the same birthday as my favorite 15 year old brother who is NOT taller than me even though he tries so hard, that person needs to hear the gospel! So yes, I party crashed:) and yes, we have a return date to visit them for next Tuesday:) anyways! Happy birthday little buddy:)

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, Momsiccle!!! How is life? You may be wondering why I am writing so early, well I am not going to tell you why:) But hopefully around 4 or 5, I will be able to show you why:) Just be patient!!!:) I know that isn´t one of our expert-ices, but give it a swing:)

I have been doing really great recently! Have I told you about the family we are teaching? It is a single mom with a 10 year old daughter and a 5 year old daughter. They are totally awesome! The little girls are totally in love with me:) haha I am SURE that it has nothing to do with the coin tricks and card tricks and other spur-of-the-moment magic tricks I do to get their attention before a lesson. Anyways, we are hoping they will get baptized this month:)

We have been having a ton of zone conferences lately. They will last for the next couple of weeks! One of the blessings of being in the offices is that I get to see and hear about all the cool stuff before anybody else, for example another 70 will be coming soon. Also the new church video for Easter is totally beautiful!

I hope all is well in Nebraskaland! I will try and get back on in a while to send the pictures of what we are going to do today:) I should still be on for a while longer, but just in case we leave sooner, I wanted to make sure you had a message from me:) Last week I had a mom from Guadalajara Mexico call me freaked out because her son still hadn´t written her that day. She called at 11 at night. I called the elder and found out for some reason the internet cafe they had close by wasn´t open or something. I told him to wake up early, run to another one, and send his mother a clanking letter because I know how worried they get when they don´t hear from us:) haha!!!

I love you more than life itself mom! Oh and start planning our Christmas trip to Mexico! We have to come because some of my converts are getting sealed in December and want me to be there!!!!

Te amo
ELder Hackleman

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