Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Both Elder Hackleman's Served with This Elder!

Do you remember Elder Charlton, Jaren´s buddy from the Missionary Training Center who was working in the mission offices when my papers came in? He came back to Mexico visit us:) It was super cool to see him!

Hey mom!!!! Como ha estado???? Espero muy bien! estaba pensando que le voy a escribir en Español por el resto de mi misión!! Que tal que le parece??? jaja just kidding:)

First off, I am scared to come home. I still hate the heat with a passion... but I am scared of that kind of cold... can you send me a picture of our whole house??? Maybe with the family standing in the snow in front??? I want to be able to show people what it is like hahaha. Oh and it would be really be funny if everybody was wearing shorts and a t-shirt haha. That makes people go crazy here!!!:) That is so awesome we have a snow blower!! How much was it?? Does it get the job done like super quick??

I am sorry for the lack of pictures this week. I know I slacked off.  I promise next week will be better!

That is super cool that Nebraska city went also! Hey isn´t  Nebraska city the one with the huge mall of America or whatever??? I can´t remember anymore.

That is horrible about Brendan Holly´s dad.... I hadn´t heard. Are they still in Sidney?

As for the Zika virus, that is crazy! Everything I have heard about it, is that it doesn´t exist in cold areas because the mosquitoes are the ones that transfer it! That is super crazy how fast it is spreading though. Is it like the chicken pox?? Once you get it, you can´t get it again?? I am hoping I am immune to it now! haha. Honestly I haven´t heard of any issues with it here in Veracruz. In other parts of Mexico yeah but here no.

That is so crazy I signed on 2 years ago! I can´t believe I am so close to coming home... I don´t like to think about it honestly haha no offense:) I was talking to President Cordova yesterday about my return date and I think we finally agreed on when I should go home. He was super sad. He is still trying to get me to extend my mission for another couple of months but he understands it is necessary. We decided to just do it the transfer before my return date which is the 7th of august. which means it would be the last week of June like the 28th or 29th. When is the youth conference??? and what are they doing?? If they are doing something cool like going to Nauvoo or something, even if it is the same week, tell them to go! I dont want them to miss those opportunities. I can be waiting for them when they get back:)

It is crazy with that finally set up, because now, doing the quick math in my head, that means I only have 3 transfers left... and I will most likely be here in the offices for at least one of those and maybe two. That time is going to go by so fast... freak!!!

Anyways, I have been doing good here. We have been doing zone conferences again so I really enjoyed doing my part of the leadership training. You know me, I love to liven up the party! We are really working these guys hard mom! You wouldn´t believe the kind of work plans we have going! The stake presidents think we are crazy sometimes when we have our meetings with them. We are doing stuff people have never even thought about before with our Area Plan. It is awesome and the results are staggering!!!! I love it:) It is super fun because every time we come up with a new idea of work ethics, my companion and I always try it out for a week before we announce it to the mission just to see how it goes. Then we get to share our experiences of the success that it brought us to show everyone that these things DO work! It is pretty inspiring.

I love you so much mommy!
Elder Hackleman

On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 8:35 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

So a week ago the news started reporting about a huge blizzard that was going to hit the Omaha area. For five days we heard about it. The storm was reported to be so wide spread that it would cover a 100 square miles or more. It was going to hit Monday night and continue on for the next two days. I picked Grant up from conditioning at the school and decided we should go look into the possibility of a snow blower. He and I drove to Home Depot and they were completely sold out. Apparently everywhere in town was sold out because we had so much warning about this huge storm. They told us they had special ordered in a truck load of snow blowers and it was scheduled to arrive at any minute because it was already four hours late for its delivery time. We spent the next hour doing our research to see what would be the best blower for the money. More people started arriving after getting off work with the same intention, go home with a snow blower. We were third in line. Finally the truck arrived. As they were unloading the truck they didn't even know what blowers had arrived so it was quite the crap shoot. As it turns out there were only three in the price range we were hoping for. The rest of the blowers were substantially more expensive. We bought the thing and headed home, very proud of ourselves. Your dad was working late and couldn't even come over to help us pick it out. Well, Monday night it started to snow and blow. School and seminary were cancelled for the next two days. The snow kept coming down and blowing like crazy. We are so glad we have a snow blower. We were able to keep up with the snow and take care of some neighbors as well. AWESOME!

Snow in Nebraska!

I ended up with a cold and so I have holed up all week trying to get feeling better. I am finally feeling a little better today. Nathan does not have any show choir today but he is singing with a group of friends at some convention. A little side job ha ha. He and Grant will be playing in a church basketball game in a few hours. This will be Grant's first game since he broke his finger. We have about 20 boys who are playing and we have the best team in the stake I believe.

Thursday night was a youth temple trip. We have so many youth we have to do two temple trips. We break our group up in half each time we go. It's a good problem to have:) Anyway, when we are in half we end up with a couple extra spots available for another ward if they need it. Turns out, Nebraska City ward combined with our baptism trip. Jaren and Chelsey came to help with the baptisms. Jaren did all the baptizing and so Grant got to be baptized by him. I was coughing up a storm so I wasn't able to go and your dad had to grade papers and Nathan had show choir practice, plus it wasn't his half of the youth groups turn anyway.

Tonight Jaren and Chelsey are coming over and spending the night with us so we can watch the super bowl together. We are looking forward to that.

On other news, I think of things all the time during the week that I want to ask you or tell you, but then when I start writing I forget.

Two Years Ago Elder Hackleman Signed a Contract
To Play Football for Peru State College, in Peru, Nebraska, 2-20-2016

I can't remember if I told you that Brendan Holly's dad had cancer and died a few months ago. That sure is sad.

The news around here is still full of Zika virus information. It is starting to be found all across the US. Most of the states that are reporting cases are full of cold weather and snow so they know it wasn't brought by mosquito's. They now know it can be transferred via bodily fluids as well. Their are two reported cases in Nebraska this week. The folks in the US who are getting it have come in contact with someone who traveled to Brazil, Mexico or Peru. Basically South America. Now they are getting worried because of the summer Olympics which are scheduled to be held in Brazil. Can you imagine feeling like you did last year and trying to compete in Olympics? That would be crazy.

So my Facebook has been popping up pictures a lot this week of what was happening two years ago today. Do you realize that two years ago today was the day you signed to play for Peru State? It's crazy how time flies.

So there are a lot of ways to show us how much our family is blessed because we have a missionary out. One of the great miracles happened this week. Our van has now passed the 222,2222 mile mark. We had our van looked at about four years ago and we were told it needed about $5,000 worth of things done to keep it running for the next year. Well, we have replaced an alternator and had the oil changed, but other than that, it has kept on going and going. What a blessing!

Our van went over the 222,222 mark.
What a blessing!

Question, do you know what week you will be coming home from your mission? The boys have youth conference this summer and we need to sign them up this week, but we wanted to make sure it doesn't land on the day you are coming home.

What's happening in your neck of the woods? I can't wait to hear from you!

I love you.


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