Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Missionary Work is So Much Fun!

Hey mom! so my first comment is maybe we SHOULD let it heal into the growth plate. That kid has grown enough! He needs something to slow him down so I can catch up to him! Speaking of which I think I have grown a whole half of a centimeter on my mission! I am probably almost as tall as Grant and Nathan now! On a real note, that is too bad about he finger. I hope it turns out ok! I totally love your I SPy game! It is funny because my comp and I were doing almost the same thing when president Peña Nieto came!!! hahahaha we were VERY suspicious about the drunk man past out on the sidewalk. He looked for sure to be a special agent! It was quite a good disguise though! I almost couldn´t even tell the difference! 

As for the movie about Concussion, I have heard about that. Elder Willingham, (the older couple that work here in the offices), was telling me a little about it. To me it sounds like a big scam. I never thought of Will Smith to be one to participate in conspiracy theories but it sounds to me like a way to help Donald Trump gain votes or something like that. Next thing you know they are going to start saying that they have actually been to the moon! psh. whatevs! you can´t take my tax money you feds!!!! I will play football and I will get as many concussions as I clanking want!!! Come on now, this is all for fun. Don't take me seriously:), but I do want to still play football.

I do want to see Ant Man though. What is it about? Is it supposed to be like a joke or is he a serious super hero?

Anyways, my week went very well! It has been a crazy one! Yes my comp and I are whitewashing in a new area. It has been quite... interesting. haha. We finally got settle into a house. It is pretty nice. I even talked our dueña into putting in a brand spanking new air conditioner unit, and hooks for my hammock with no extra cost! I told president "that´s how we run things at bed bath and beyond" when he asked how I got away with all that. haha.

We are working hard and finding tons and tons of new people. I promised president that this area,which hasn´t baptized in about a year, would start producing before the end of the month. so we have a lot of work to do!

Sometimes it just astounds me though when people don´t baptize. It isn´t easy, but I feel like if you are obedient and at least trying your hardest with a good attitude, the baptisms will come! I can´t even tell you how many times I would go to church one Sunday a little worried because we don´t have that many people to teach and then as if they fell from the sky, some random person would just walk up to me and say "hey my name is so-and-so. and I want to get baptized." They just come! It is seriously a huge testimony builder to see how much the Lord does in this work. I always imagined missionary work as being like %90 effort by the missionary and %10 to make up the rest by the Lord. It is interesting to see how it is actually exactly the opposite.

I hope all is well in Nebraskaville. Take pictures of Nathan performing! I hope he does well! I love you all!

Sorry I don´t have many pictures this week.

Elder Hackleman

On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 8:47 AM, Amy wrote:

Well, we went to have Grant's finger looked at by a doctor at GIKK to see if it would need surgery. The Doctor decided to cast it and watch it for two more weeks and then make a decision about the surgery. We might be able to avoid it as long as it doesn't heal into the growth plate. They now have an office at the Bellevue hospital. While we were in getting it casted President Obama drove by. He had been visiting a home in Papillion and then went and spoke at the event center they just built for the UNO hockey team. They closed 370 all the way from Nathan's school to 75. We took back roads back to the school to pick Nathan up. It was great because Grant and I played a game of I Spy looking for undercover secret service agents all along the way, posing as snow plow drivers, construction workers, and broken down cars etc. We were driving directly behind a pickup truck when we were almost to Papio High and it suddenly pulled off to the side of the road. As we were driving by we saw the guy talking into his flannel sleeve in his shirt. Good times. Immediately after that, highway 370 was reopened. I'm sure the message was something like, the eagle has left the building, or all clear ha ha.

Nathan has his first show choir performance tonight. They are doing a special production at the school for the family and friends before their first competition next week. I'm so excited to see what all his hours and hours of practice will look like. Jaren and Chelsey came yesterday for the big event. The three of us went to a matinee movie. We saw Will Smith's movie, "Concussion" which is all about head injuries in the NFL. All I can say is "Yikes" and no way are my boys playing football anymore! Jaren just laughed at me.

Speaking of laughing, we have a new favorite movie that we want to be your first movie to see when you get home. It is called, "Ant Man." It's a marvel movie. I know it sounds silly, but it's my favorite. Maybe because one of the actors in it is Mexican ha ha.

So what's happening in your neck of the woods. I forget, are you in a new area now? How is that going?

I sure love you!

Oh, and by the way, it's freezing here in Nebraska!

Well, we are off to Nathan's church basketball game.


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