Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Brother Dancing it Up

Nathan Hackleman's Show Choir
Boy's Song

Hello mother of mine! So dad told me you would be on the road all day and may not be able to write! Don´t worry! I completely understand! I will send this email anyways because I promised I would never miss a week of writing you;) but this gives me a free pass right??

Anyways all the exciting things happened in the pictures I sent haha. I hope they all got there!! Dad said Nathan is having a show choir competition?? Make sure to take some pictures of him!!! I want to see him tearing it up!! What are some of the songs they are singing? Ss he going to do his backflippy thingy???? I have been practicing that too:) I can do it pretty well! I don´t even fall over anymore! Now the tricky part is going to be taking the back flip that I do perfectly from my imagination and do it for real!

I hope everyone is well! I am doing great! I am totally loving life! The best part is we are going to baptize next week:) Yep you heard that correctly! I am breaking the 9 month streak of no baptizing in this ward in my first month!!! I am super excited. I promised president that this area would start producing before the end of the month:) I always keep my promises!

Tell Nathan I said hi and to Break a Leg. (but not during his backy flippy thing because that might draw a little attention from the rest of the dancers!)

Love you all
Elder Hackleman

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