Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two Weeks Without Word From Our Missionary!

Written 2-20-2016

Ok, so I don´t know why everyone is saying I didn´t write them last week... I sent out like a million emails! I sent pictures and everything??? Did none of those go through??? I thought they did because then you sent me the one about the valentines and I replied but then you didn´t reply to me! I thought you guys hate me! I kept asking dad about my essay questions but he never responded either! Sheesh guys! I´m still your son ya know!!!! 

Anyways, let´s hope this one goes through. Last week I woke up early in the morning to wash our clothes and I jumped on the computer and pre-typed all of my emails to you all before I even got any from you so then when I got on for real, I just jumped on and clicked send. Then I waited.... and waited... and waited... and nothin. oh well!

We will try this again:) Don´t worry I still love you all:) You must have been very worried!

So my week has been pretty awesome, crazy, stressful, blessed, chaotic, painful, miserable, and joyful all at once!!! (But not necessarily in that order!) First off, guess what!!! We are having a baptism today!!! We are so excited. once again we have found the most chosen and prepared investigator ever. It has been a truly spiritually uplifting experience being able to teach him.

The bad news is, I got super super sick on Sunday.... that was fun. Turns out I had some sort of stomach infection. I had to get like 4 shots... Where the sun don´t shine... You all know how much I LOVE shots... yeah I almost passed out. The good news is the next day we had Transfers which I had to take care of and also had to give the training session of the new missionaries. That wore me out. The GOOD news is I highly doubt it was zika! haha at least I hope... either way, I started feeling much better by Thursday and now I feel almost a hundred percent!

OK I don´t like talking about bad news but I did promise you I would tell you if I got sick again. So there ya go:) Back to the good news. I am alive!!! and still a missionary!! YAY! Hey guess what??? Today I complete 18 months and also marks the day that I only have 18 weeks left... gosh dang. Where the clank did the time go. It seems like it was just yesterday I was eating at Texas Roadhouse with the family and the Laws!!!! Clankers.

So the Grunigs are with you guys???? What are they doing in Omahaville???????

I sure hope to hear back from ya!
Elder Hackleman

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