Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Missionary Birthday Party, Complete with a Game of Duck, Duck, Goose!

I got to do divisions with my old companion, Elder Kerr from Minnesota! You may not remember him that much because we were only companions for 3 weeks haha, but he is still one of my favorites!!! I knew he was about to have his birthday, so I had him come to my area to do divisions:) It was super cool!

At the end of the day, I told him we had our ward missionary meeting in the church. When we showed up, he had a little surprise birthday party I had thrown for him:) We didn´t have much time together but we made the most of it! Those are all of our converts and their families who showed up to his little party:) It was pretty great! We ended up playing a killer game of duck duck goose!!! #BlessingsofBeingtheAssistent! haha

Hey mom! I am feeling much better! I can eat normally and have been all week. I seem to be getting really full really fast but that is ok! We are doing good here in Mexico! This week was a week of Miracles to be honest. We found a bunch of people that are really good, and a couple nights ago we got a call from a young woman in our ward saying her best friend wanted to get baptized. We were like, "That´s whats up!!!" Super pumped:) We taught her and she is really good. Just have to get her to church a couple of times and she will get baptized in the first weeks of March:) We are really starting to produce in our area thank goodness! It took a little longer than normal because of our time limits but better late than never right???

That is super cool Emily got home. I have been staying in contact with her. The week before she got home she said she was scared to see you because her last Sunday in the ward before she left to the MTC when she came to my farewell, she said that you told her that you would probably be upset to see her when she gets back because it would mean I am still on the mission or something like that hahaha! She got a kick out of that:)

That is sweet that Grant got nominated again! So is it like a two on two tourney or what? I have never heard of this before!

Tell Beau and Dillinger congratulations!!!! I am super excited for them!!! That is so awesome! Tell them I totally could have won state also when I wrestled if it weren´t for the fact that I am a terrible wrestler! But good for them! haha. I am still scared of Beau.... I have always thought that kid will grow up to be like a WWE star or something. He is a stud! How old is he now???

So they finally made the decision to put grandma in an old person home??? How did the rest of the family take that? 

That pizza party sure sounds fun! make sure to tell everyone hi for me:) 

Take lots of pictures at Nathan´s show choir event! You know I love to see that! Emily sent me a picture of them two together. She said Nathan was the first male she hugged outside of family since she got home haha! Good for him!

That is super cool that the temple president asked about me:) What did he say? I still want to be a translator when I get home! You think he will let me?

I have a couple of pictures I will send. not too many but better than zero right? I freakin love you so much!

Elder Clanking Hackleman

On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 8:43 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

How are you doing today? Are you feeling any better? Are you able to eat normally yet? What's happening on the Mexico front?

Emily Smith got home from her mission. I missed a call last night from her. She wanted to stop by to say hello to us. I was having a party at our house so I missed the call. I am just getting ready to head to the school to chaperon Nathan's show choir competition. We are going to Firth, Nebraska for the field of dreams competition. They have redone some of their choreography and worked with a few specialists to fine tune their show, so hopefully it will pay off today.

Grant was asked to play in the boys basketball game that only two boys from each team get to play on. This is the second year in a row that he was voted to be the one to represent our ward. Pretty awesome!

Last night my friends and I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. talking. Crazy Mormon women ha ha.

Beau and Dillinger are competing at state wrestling right now. They both wrestled twice yesterday and will wrestle more today. Dillinger won both his matches so he will wrestle for first and second place. Beau won one and lost one so he will wrestle for 3rd and 4th place. It's pretty awesome. I wish I could be there to watch them and support them.

Christie and Joel have worked through the red tape to find mom an assistant living facility in Pocatello. They will be moving her in sometime in the next few days.

We are having a boys year end basketball pizza party at our house tomorrow evening. There were about 18 boys on our ward team so this should be fun ha ha.

Tonight our ward is having a chili cook-off for a missionary opportunity. Unfortunately Nathan and I will be out of town for the show choir thing, but it should be fun for the ward.

I talked to the temple president at the temple yesterday and once again he asked all about you. He is looking forward to hearing from you when you get back.

I sure love you!



More from mom,

On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 9:12 AM, Amy  wrote:

I didn't know Nathan has already seen Emily, and I didn't know I said that to Emily. That is funny because this whole week I have been so envious. I guess I really know myself ha ha.

The stake basketball thing is every ward sends two boys from their ward for a final all star game. They make two teams out of all the players and have one last big game. Who goes to play gets nominated by the wards.

Grandma Polly is still slipping quite a bit. She cannot be out of eyesight anymore because you don't know what she will do, so it was too much for anyone to be able to handle. Everyone in the family is on board now.  She still remembers you however and misses you terribly. She doesn't remember your name, but she remembers mine. I guess she talks a lot about going to Amy's house and going to the zoo with Amy and her fun son.

The facility she will be living in specializes in Alzheimer's.

I'm sure the temple president would love for your to translate but the only time they need help with that is at the veil. I will let him know you are willing.

I love you so much!

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