Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Grunig's Came to Nebraksa

Our good friends from Sidney came to Nebraska for a visit so we sent a picture so Elder Hackleman. This is what he had to say when he saw the picture: "Oh my freaking heck!!! Woo are those people sitting with Keith and Maddison????? I don´t even recognize them!  They are all grown up!

This week has been quite interesting! It is the week of changes so we are always really busy preparing for those. That will happen this Monday. We have another group of newbies coming in so that is always exciting! Quite a few of my buddies from my generation are going to be training so it will be cool to see them all again when they come to the offices!
I hope you got all the pictures! I tried to take quite a few this week since I didn´t send any last week. How is life in Nebraska? Anything new goin on? How is Nathan doing in show choir?? and Grantish in football training?

I hear Emily Smith is almost home! I have been in contact with her for a while. It is pretty crazy to see all the people I was with in the Missionary Training Center starting to go home now! Kind of freaks me out how fast the time is going by. Also Sydney Vickory said she was putting in her papers! That is pretty awesome! Anybody else I know get home recently?

This week I got to go back to Orizaba! We went back to do a specialized leadership training. It was so nice to be back in the nice weather for a while!!!! The colder air made President Cordova sick haha. I used that as a perfect opportunity to tell him "Yeah back in my house, the weather got really hot! My whole family was super happy because they finally got to leave in shorts and a t-shirt because the weather got up to about 5 degrees Celsius (about 40 F). Haha he just stared at me because that is end-of-the-world cold down here. When he saw the picture he just started laughing and then called me the Abominable Snowman haha. It was great:) Thanks for that picture!

Sorry this letter is like super random haha. I just kind of started typing and whatever came to mind I wrote it down haha. Normally I try and make it somewhat intelligent but my mind is a little fried right now so I am just writing gibberish haha. Speaking of which, what ever happened in Downton Abbey?? Has everyone died yet?

I love you mommy! Thanks for everything! Take care of the family for me!:)

ELder Hackleman

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