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missionary letters on December 26, 2015

hey mom!!!! I am sorry this email is so short. the truth of the matter is, you pretty much know what is goin on around here. I love reading about the Hackleman Happenings though! It sounded like an overall smooth going Christmas! that is great! honestly I felt like I got to talk to everyone a little bit. I was super happy to talk to Jaren and to meet Chelsey's family! That was cool!

That new notebook did look super nice! I will need to get one of those to take with me to college! I also still plan on using my hookup with Tim to get a hold of a solo wheel! Still going to need that for college also. That is a definite need.

Elder Hackleman wants a solowheel to ride around campus after he gets off his mission.
His mother says, "NO WAY"

I am super happy that Christmas went so well for you guys. It really was the highlight of my day to see you all. I cannot believe how much Grant has changed. Honestly I did not recognize him. I didn't feel like I was able to talk to Nathan long enough and tell him everything I wanted to say to him. I think that will have to wait until I get home and we can have a bros night out.

Make sure to let uncle Joel know how thankful I am for his prayers. I know that I have seen so many miracles in my mission for the faith love and support I have received from everyone. I seriously feel over-blessed. Sometimes I wonder what I have done to receive so many blessings. I love you all so much.

Elder Hackleman

(PS I totally missed being your right hand man on getting the black Friday deals but at least Grantish backed me up!)

On Sat, Dec 26, 2015  Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

So, yesterday was sure a great day being able to talk to you. I'm bummed I didn't get to hear you and Jaren talk, but hey, I can't have everything ha ha.

This week turned out to be a good one. Grandma and Grandpa had quite the adventure driving here because the roads were pretty sketchy. They hit a block of ice somewhere near Ogalalla and thought they had a flat tire. They stopped in North Platte for the night and thought about getting a tow truck, renting a car and turning around and going home. Tim talked them into going to a local car tire repair place to have the car looked at to see if it was drivable. It turns out there was no damage done to the tire. Just a crack in the bumper, but nothing that would cause the car to be unable to perform, so they got back on the road and headed to Papillion. They made it here on Christmas eve at about 6:30. Grandma was pretty upset her car sustained damage.

Grant had asked to have chicken roll ups for Christmas eve dinner and Nathan asked for steak for Christmas dinner. We woke up Christmas eve morning and it really started to snow heavily. The majority of the storm on Christmas eve was right in the Omaha area however so the driving conditions for Karen and Roger were not bad and by the time they made it to Papillion the snow had stopped and the roads were clear. We spent the day cleaning up the house getting it grandma clean and your dad and Grant had to finish with their paintings. By the time they rolled in we were just finishing up with all of that and Nathan was just getting off work. We started making the chicken roll-ups. We didn't let Grandma or Grandpa do any of the work, since there really was only a few things that needed to be done and Tim, Grant and I had it under control. I had also made some 7-up jello and Grant made some cooked carrots. We got out our fancy Christmas china and table clothes and sat down to a lovely dinner. We even had Martineli's juice in our crystal glasses. It was a delicious feast. Grandma and Grandpa had never had chicken roll-ups and they loved them.

Afterwards I did the dishes and Tim and Grandma ran to Walmart for a few last minute items before it closed for the night. They were back within a half an hour because it really did close on them.

Nathan and Grant went to bed and Tim and I sat up talking with Karen and Roger and getting the Christmas stockings stuffed.

They really were relaxed and having a good time. I prepped the food for Christmas day, making boiled eggs for the deviled eggs and cooking cinnamon rolls and regular rolls, then went to bed totally exhausted. Grant woke up Christmas morning bright and early. We made him go back to bed for one more hour because we were still so tired. Finally we got up at 7:00. He went and woke up his grandparents. He was so excited for Christmas morning and for the first time in his life, the reason for his excitement was different than it had ever been before. He was excited to see us open his presents he made for us, rather than being excited to see what he was getting. The truth of the matter is, there were very few gifts under the tree that he didn't know about. He was the one who went with me on black Friday, shopping and he ended up being with me on almost every other occasion that I was Christmas shopping because your dad is teaching two classes right now and Nathan was working so much, it ended up being me and Grant most of the time. You know how that goes. You have been my right hand man on the Christmas shopping sprees before. The truth is, I am not very good knowing what is "hot" and what is not ha ha.

Anyway, on Black Friday, we were in Fort Collins and there was a terrible storm the night before that too. When Grant and I went shopping there were very few people out and about because of the freezing ice, so we had our pick of the door busters. One of the best things we got was a notebook that had a keyboard that can attach or detach. It came with all the latest windows software. Nathan and Grant have a lot of homework they have to do online now, and the only computer that still works good is yours. Nathan's is totally dead and Jaren's is so old it isn't compatible with a lot of the latest software etc. so a lot of the time Nathan and Grant are both up later than they would need to be waiting for their turn on the computer. This notebook has all the bells and whistles of a laptop, but it is smaller and more portable. We were able to buy it at a doorbuster sale for I think $75. You can't even buy the microsoft upgrades for that cheap, so it really was a steal. When we saw it, Grant is the one who recognized what a great deal it was. I was unsure at the time, but put it in our cart until I could do some research and sure enough, it was a steal.

So Christmas morning everyone opened their presents. There really wasn't a lot to open because Grandma had not had a chance to do her shopping for the boys yet, but like I said, it really didn't matter because the items that were there were so awesome.

For Christmas dinner I decided I didn't want to have a repeat of Thanksgiving where we were cooking all day and Grandma was stressed, so I bought pre-made items. I went to Sam's club to pick up the steaks and came away with fancy mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes, and broccoli and rice casserole. They were from their bakery and all you have to do is warm them up. That's what I am talking about. I made the famous pretzel jello salad and that is all the cooking I did on Christmas day. Once again grandma and grandpa didn't have to do anything. Your dad cooked the steaks on the grill and it was all done in no time. By the time we sat down for a fantastic Christmas dinner, we were excited for all the wonderful food. It turned out great. Everyone loved it and there was no arguing!

Actually the entire couple of days went off without any arguing. We played Clue, Sorry, and a few other new board games we got for Christmas. Nathan set up all the things on the new little notebook and the best part of the entire day was getting to skype you!

It really was the best Christmas we have had in a very long time. Today, we are heading out to eat breakfast at the Egg and I and then Grandma is taking Nathan to do his Christmas shopping. He is wanting a new pair of Nike shoes and he has to be there to try them on, so he is excited about that. Then he has to go to work and grandma will take Grant to get his present. I think she might be getting him a new computer. If that is the case, we really will be set up around here, ha ha.

I sure love you! I am so proud of all that you do. Your influence is felt all through the family.

I got a text message from Joel yesterday. He payed for your mission for the month of January. He loves you so much!

As you were talking about all your "AP" duties it brought me back to when he was on his mission. You two are so similar. When he was on his mission I wrote him every week without fail and he wrote back to every letter I sent him. He told me so many stories that still are on my mind today. Some of them are rather funny, even though at the time they were very serious. You will have to ask him about them when you get home.

I sure love you. I know you and Daniel and Joel will have to go to lunch after you get home and compare AP stories ha ha.

I love you to the moon and back!


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