Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sight Seeing In Veracruz, Mexico

So I found this cool hallway

But What Happens Next...

Is a Mystery!

This is an old prison.
This is what a typical cell looked like.
It was basically a cave.

This is on top where they had guards posted

Honestly the place is huge, and most of the coolest parts I won´t send pictures of to my family because I want them to come and see it for themselves. It might creep my mom out a little bit haha:)

And in the back you can see industrial Veracruz!

I took a selfie with the bishop!

This was the first church built in America!
Hernan Cortez built it when he came across!
It is pretty cool:)

This is Hernan Cortez´s house!!!

Over the cannon you can see the remains of his oven! That was his kitchen.  The trees are actually growing on top of it!

I love this cool little bridge.

Hey mommy! So my week was pretty awesome:) I pretty much told you everything in the millions of pictures i sent haha. sorry I had a bunch this week. I am pretty sure I will be having changes in the next week or two so I am doing my best to go see everything before I go to my final area.... Dang the time has gone by so fast here in the offices!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I hope you liked the pictures:) How is nathan doing in Wisconsin???

Love you!
ELder Hackleman

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