Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Veracruz Sharks Soccer Stadium!

So my area I am in just happens to be the same area that the Veracruz Sharks soccer team plays in. 

We live pretty close to the stadium so on game days it makes the missionary work a little hard haha. One day we were walking by and we have always seen the outside but have always wanted to see inside. Well obviously we can´t go in on game day, but this time nobody was there and we saw the gate was opened. My companion was too shy but I didn´t care. I just opened the gate, went in and found someone. I asked them if we could take a few pictures really quick in the stadium. They said of course! They even gave us a little private tour! haha Of course I took advantage of the opportunity and taught a lesson INSIDE the stadium. Super dope!!!) Anyways we got some pretty sick pictures:) Notice the giant shark heads where you enter????

Can I take the Keeper.
Is there a sombrero in Mexico??? LOL

It would be awesome to see a game in here, but no time for that while I'm on my mission.
This will have to suffice. 

I miss playing soccer!

Go Sharks!

What a great tour!

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