Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two Missionaries Biking in Mexico

My football coach will be happy with the workouts I am getting in while also doing missionary work:)

Hello my beloved mother!!! How art thou?? From the sounds of it, extremely tired and worn out!!!! If it makes you feel any better, I was also sewing a lot yesterday!!! My backpack broke:( The strap broke while I was walking so I was trying to get it mended. I thought I did an awesome job! It didn´t look pretty, but it held, for a long time! Like 2 hours! and then it broke again:( haha! so I ended up taking it to a shoe repair store because they have great big sewing machines with giant needles and they repaired it for me for $20 pesos!!! That was a steal! Way cheaper than buying a new one and it seems good as new! I am so happy:) Too bad I didn´t have Grantish here to help me out! but oh well. Speaking of which, I was kind of excited to perform his surgery, but I guess it is better that he doesn´t need it. Is church ball still going on?

I love the pictures of Nathan btw! Super dope! He looks like a stud:)

That is too bad about the ward though. And borther Dinwiddie is still on the list??? I thought he was going to have surgery a long time ago! When I was there! That is crazy, and what is bishop Ford´s calling now??? Is he in the high council? How is president Derrick doing???? I miss that guy so much.

I have heard about the blizzards going on right now! They are even talking about it here. It has been very cold here this week! The people have been dying! When I say cold I mean it has dropped down to about 65. It is the coldest it has gotten in YEARS. Nobody wanted to leave their house. I was still walking around with my short sleeve shirt and everybody was like, "you are going to get sick and die!" I was just like, no I am finally not sweating haha. Yeah we have been getting the "cold front" too. People cringe just thinking about all the snow in the US haha.

As for the virus, I have heard a little about it too. Apparently it is pretty abundant in Brazil. My comp is Brazilian so he is worried a little, but yeah I think I did get it. It was horrible. That would make sense why none of the meds helped me. We have had issues from mosquito sickness for a while now though so we always put on repellent and we take a vitamin called Complejo B. It smells HORRIBLE and the mosquito's don´t like it so it keeps them away haha.

Anyways, this week has been great! I did divisions with some zone leaders this week! I got to do divisions with my ex companion Elder Bowers. If you remember he was the one that I had in Huatusco when we baptized the whole world:) That was super awesome! We took some pictures I will try and send you! We have been doing a ton of changes lately. Lots of people have knee issues and other sicknesses. I have sent home 3 sisters this week. One of them was really hard because she was the hardest working sister in the mission and I was her first district leader so I kind of trained her how to be a missionary. Anyways she ended up going home and that was actually really hard.

Sorry I didn´t take many pictures this week. I have been super busy. I will try and do better next week!

I love you all!
Elder Hackleman

On Sat, Jan 30, 2016 at 8:49 AM, Amy wrote:

Last week we got home from Nathan's show choir performance at 3:00 a.m. Then Sunday morning we had church at 9:00 a.m. Let me just say, we were exhausted, but we had a great time. The performance was fun but not without it's share of complications. The skirts the girls wear are snapped on, about half way through the performance they tear them off and underneath is another dress. The only problem was the snaps were not sewn on very well and they started to pop off. This caused girls to lose their skirts early and some of them started to droop so the girls were stepping on them. Terresa Hettinger and I were sewing up a storm the entire day trying to fix all the problems, but we still were not able to get them all done. We were in Johnstone, Iowa. We actually had been sewing around the clock since we discovered the problem Thursday evening during dress rehearsal. We didn't know if we would make it into finals, but the singing was good enough and the rest of the show was so superior that despite the mistakes we made it. We ended up taking 5th place, but considering our troubles and the intense competition, we were happy with that outcome.

Today we are heading to Lincoln for another competition. Nathan is already there. I am going later because we have a family from the ward getting sealed today so we will go to that first. Last Saturday after the event was over Terresa and I took all the skirts home with us to reinforce the snaps, fix the holes in the skirts caused from stepping on them, and make a few more alterations on the black dresses underneath the skirts. Man we are good volunteers ha ha. I took the purple skirts, all 25, and she did the black dresses. I worked diligently all week long sewing each and every one. I finished up about 10 minutes before Nathan went to show choir practice on Thursday evening. They changed some of the choreography in the show according to the feedback they received from the judges and needed to practice it with their skirts on. Nathan said the practice went really well and not one skirt snapped off, so we are very hopeful for today.

Our ward is going through quite a bit right now and it keeps us on our toes as well.

Grant had his doctors appointment on Thursday. His pinky is healing nicely and will not have to have surgery. Yeah! He has two more weeks of no contact sports and then he can start playing basketball again as long as he wears his cast. His cast is removable so that is nice. He doesn't have to wear it around the house now, only when he might be in danger of harming his finger.

It has been a very cold and snowy winter around here. Tuesday we are supposed to get hit with a major winter storm. It is such a big blizzard that they have given it a name, but most people are referring to it as snowmageddon. Man, I wish we had a snowblower.

Well, I sure love you. How is your week going? What's new in your neck of the woods. Have you heard about the outbreak of the Zika virus caused by mosquito's? The church issued a statement yesterday that they are taking it very serious and will be notifying all the mission presidents to help keep the missionaries safe. I am pretty sure that is what you had last year that got you so sick. The symptoms are the same right down to an eye infection similar to pink eye. There is no none treatment or immunization for it yet because it is such a new disease. It is prevalent in countries where they do not have air-conditioning and don't spray for mosquito's. The worst outbreaks are in Mexico and Brazil.

I sent an email to a site on where you can send feedback and told them I thought you might have had the virus and might have some insights as far as missionary safety goes. I haven't heard back from them ha ha.

I sure love you!


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