Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mormon Missionaries Wear Out Shoes!

I tried every brand of shoe, but no matter what kind I try, they always wear completely out in about 6 weeks. Sorry, mom, I am so hard on shoes! Now I have two pairs to alternate with.

I got a new camera and new shoes!!!!!! I love my family! I also got arch supports so hopefully my shin splints will start to go away!!!! You are all the best! Just so you know daddy, I managed to buy the boots that I am wearing in the picture and other really nice shoes that I will keep for my "Sunday best." I also bought a new camera, arch supports, a new watch (since mine broke last week), and I still have enough left over to donate a generous fast offering tomorrow! Thank you soooooo much. The boots I got are Michelin brand. I figured if the big white Michelin marshmallow can walk around in these for him and they don't wear out, then maybe they will last a little longer for me! haha. I guess I will just keep trying different brands until I find one that lasts longer than a month! haha. Seriously though, thank you so much!

Elder Hackleman 1-2-2016

So we are finally in the new year!!! It is absolutely crazy how fast the time has gone by. My week was pretty good! We have been doing transfers all week. It is crazy because we always get everything arranged how we like it, and then one little problem happens and one little change that we have to make, ends up changing like everything else so we end up redoing everything like 6 times haha. That's ok though. I enjoy it:)

How was your week this week? Have you seen Jaren and Chelsey? Have they moved out to Peru yet?

I love you all so much! As always, I will end up getting on throughout the day to check my email. Sorry for the lack of pictures!

Elder Hackleman

These are my Sunday best ones! They came with brown shoe laces as well, but the blue ones match my suit, so I think I will leave them blue!

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