Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sometimes Missionaries Don't Have Time for a P-Day

What's the Big Deal?
It's Just A Flu Shot!

Hey mom! I am so sorry. no I don´t really get a p-day today. I had just gotten on when you sent me that message. So sorry! This week has been absolutely crazy!!! I don't even know where to begin... Well I guess I will start with why I am late. My comp and I had to go to an area called San Andres Tuxla today. They were having their zone class so my comp and I went to surprise them with our new years present from President Cordova in the form of influenza shots!!!! I have been giving flu shots all week long!!!! haha President didn't believe I knew how, but after the first 40 elders, he trusted me to do the entire mission and not have to take the mission doctor to each zone haha. I have literally been doing nothing but injecting this week! It was pretty fun. Every time the next person would walk in, I would say "Bienvenidos al hospital de elder Hackleman!" (Bienvenidos is welcome haha). Some people were very freaked out, which I don´t know why! It is just a clanking needle! (This is a very sarcastic statement, since I hate needles),  but I got some excellent practice with my "Bedside Manners" for when I become an anesthesiologist! I was telling them jokes and doing magic tricks to distract the ones who started freaking out haha. It was quite interesting:)

Lets see, what else happened this week... oh yeah my comp and I got put in white wash. President sent us to an area that hasn´t baptized in over a year... I feel like I am always getting put in places like this! We know nothing about the members or the area. we just found a house to live in but we can´t move in until next week because I am waiting for my bargaining skills to kick in. I talked the landlord down to a very low price, so that I could raise the price a little to get her to put in a little air conditioning unit in our room:) It worked out quite nicely:) but now we have to wait to have it installed haha.

Sorry for being late with the letter! I took some pictures so I will send them to you right now.

I totally love how much the Cottonwood ward is doing to help the missionaries. I can´t wait to be part of it also! That is too bad about Grantish finger though. It looks like mine that one time I broke it playing soccer! It is still crooked. Oh well! That is super cool that the coaches remembered me though! I was kind of worried they wouldn´t. I am seriously so excited Jaren is going too!!! Freaking heck:) SO what is the deal with that leadership one? I was under the impression that you couldn´t do that your freshman year? and would it be private??

Tell Nathan not to embarrass everyone in basketball! He has to take it easy on the smaller kids.

Love you all! Elder Hackleman

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 11:04 PM, Amy wrote:

Poor Grant Broke his finger last week while practicing basketball. We had it x-rayed today and it's going to have to be looked at by a specialist. I will send you a copy of the xray. It is his pinky finger on his right hand. He started conditioning this week so I told him to go have Becky look at it and tape it before lifting. She has been keeping an eye on it all week and today she called me and said she recommended we go get it xrayed. I guess coach Olsen was talking to him earlier in the week asking about you. He is still confused about the whole mission thing and can't figure out why you are still gone. One of these days Nathan, Grant, or your dad just need to explain to him that it is a two year commitment ha ha. Grant did tell him you would be back in time to play for Peru state this fall. One of the other coaches has been talking to Grant as well, asking what position he plays and if he would like to be a snapper. He also told him to keep eating and their would be a place for him on the line. It's a new lineman coach that has only been at Papio for a year.
We have a new ward mission plan for the upcoming year. It is pretty cool. We will be given monthly challenges. Bishop Decker is so awesome and really is focused on the missionary efforts. He has asked each one of us on the ward council to make a commitment to go out with the missionaries at least a couple times a month and even the bishopric is doing that. The only problem is the sister missionaries were so booked up during the Gingerbread festival they didn't have time to focus on our ward, but now that it is over we should be able to lock in some serious work with them. We also were given the sister missionaries from the Walnut creek Branch. They will be splitting their time half and half between the two areas. That will help a lot too. Our mission president challenged the wards to help keep the missionaries busy and his goal is to have each missionary going on 3 teaching assignments every single evening of their missions.

We came up with the ward mission plan in ward counsel and bishop fine tuned it. Then he gave me the assignment to print them out and laminate them and added a magnet to the back so they can be put on every ward members refrigerator. We will be passing them out at church on Sunday. The monthly challenge will be changing so I have a tack that can be removed and replaced on the bottom of the page each month. I'm excited to get started on it. Hopefully it will make a difference.

Jaren and Chelsey got moved into their place in Nebraska City. They came to visit tonight and we went to the temple. it is so nice having them close:)

We went to visit Peru state on Tuesday. We toured the campus and your dad took them into the gym. I stayed in the car to follow-up on some emails I needed to do, but while they were in there they talked with a few of the football coaches. I can't remember the name of the main guy they talked to but it is the one who knows you. He introduced Jaren to another coach and told him, "This is Seth Hackleman's brother." He was like, oh, nice to meet you. How is Seth doing in Mexcio? Obviously they all know about you around there. It's nice to be remembered. Jaren starts conditioning on Monday and next Sunday they have a team banquet dinner. 

Grant broke his finger playing basketball.

We also went over to administration and checked in to find out more information about the dorms and such. I was thinking you might want to apply to be in the leadership dorm. You might get a higher caliber of dudes to hang out with over there plus there are financial benefits to it as well. I can't remember what they are but we will look into it. The application process starts in February so we can do that if you want us to.

Grant and Nathan have their first church basketball game on Saturday. Grant will not be able to play but Nathan will. Your dad is the high councilman over the games tomorrow so he gets to be there most of the day.

I sure love you. Can't wait to hear about your week!

Love Mom

On Sat, Jan 9, 2016 at 7:17 PM, Amy wrote:

So you didn't have a pday today because you were still giving shots? Is that right?

si señorita. We just barely got back to the offices like 20 minutes ago. We are going to write our fams, do a few other things and probably go to bed. I have woken up at 4 in the morning at the latest every single day this week. I am exhausted!

I am waking up at 4 because we have had to take people to the airport to catch their flight at 7. That is why we get up so early.

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