Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What are Memelas You Ask?

After the zone conference/session with "Doctor Hackleman," my old buddy Elder Rodriguez, his companion and I and my companion went out for Memelas. What are Memelas you might ask??
Wait for iiittttt.....


Those are memelas! Pretty much manna from heaven. They are basically a giant taco. They make these massive hand made tortillas and then just throw everything on like a pizza. These were chicharron. I can´t remember if that is how you say it in English. All I know is that the fried version of chicharrons, is pork rinds. The best part of the memelas is trying to figure out how to eat them. Lots of people try and do it with a fork and knife but like I always say, go big or go home! I fold it up and try and eat it like a normal taco. It was fun! And quite delicious!

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